Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Goal for February

So I have a new major project that I guess could be added to my resolutions but I would rather do it sooner then later, so we will make it my February goal.

We actually had a productive day in terms of the landlord, not as productive a we would have liked, but hey I will take what I can get. He is going to have the hole by the window professionally fixed, and the rest of the renovation will be my projects.

Once I am completed  I will celebrate by finally having people over for the first time. We might need to have a game night or something special.

So here is my plan:
1. Take the old tires to recycling so we can put our current ones in the storage outside
2. Break down all cardboard and take it to recycling
3. Clean and treat all furniture
4. Repaint the walls
5. Rent a carpet cleaner and clean the carpets
6. Find someone who can help me re hook up the lamp
7. Set up a dehumidifier
8. put new silicone around the windows
9. Put new weather stripping in the windows
10. Patch over the crack on the interior wall
11. Clean the apolstery with furniture cleaner
12. Rearrange furniture
13. Get some used furniture ad household deco from friends or second hand shops to add to the room

Ongoing my plan is to:
1. Clean the carpets weekly with a deodorizer
2. Get one of those room scent machines

Hubby has agreed if we can fix the problem, even if it is ourselves we will stay put, which would be a huge relief.

So if anyone is good with do it yourself projects and wants to help I would be forever grateful. And we will have a fun party when it is all done.

And on a final note, our nebenkosten was way below what the last tenants used. So what does that mean for us??? Not only should we get money back, but it will be less next year. Sweeeeet :)

Things are finally getting better, now if we could just get this place fixed up, that would be a huge step.


Christina said...

WAY TO GO! I love setting goals! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Sonya said...

Whats going on with your place? it sounds like it's a bit run down and the landlord doesnt want to help with it? I thought they stayed on top of things like that over there.

You can have tons of fun doing things yourself. If you look online they have tons of DIY blogs.


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