Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our meal plan this week

So this week I am trying to use up some items in my pantry. Always best to rotate what you have on hand. So this is not set in stone, it may fluctuate, but this is my hope for this week.

Sunday- Ham and cheese noodle bake
Monday- Hot rolls
Tuesday- Chicken and wild rice casserole
Wednesday- Chinese noodles and rice
Thursday- Red beans and rice
Friday- soup
Saturday- Steak pfanne and rice
Sunday- Spaghetti with herb bread


Sonya said...

Do you cook alot of german food or do you tend to cook things from back home? My husband always wants american meals..lol Dutch food is ok but mainly it's a piece of meat with potatoes of some kind..always potatoes and then a veggie...nothing to over the top.

Sonya said...

Did you ever read the Taste of Home magazines from back home? I have a several copies of certain issues..espically christmas. If you are interested in them, let me know and I can pop them in the mail for you. You can adapt the recipes for over here wich is what I do all the time.
It's ahrd to find some of the ingredients like cream of watever soup but I learned to make my own using dried mushroom soup mix they sell over here.


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