Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sundays in my city- 27 weeks- third trimester woohoo

Unknown Mami

Alright back with another sundays in my city. This also marks week 27, official start of the third trimester. Today we visited Tonis work as they were having a special open house, and his friend asked him to come in as a personal favor to set up a a cash register.

Well of course that meant everyone else felt they could demand his help even though he was not working, including a woman screaming his name at the top of her lungs and following us around until he would fix her printer. Some of these people really amaze me.

Needless to say we did not stay long, crazy lady above, the one who also coordinated the event, is pretty crappy at marketing and so the event was for lack of a better word pretty lame. Going to these make me so reminiscent of the huge health fairs in the US with countless booths, giveaways, and freebies. 

The one cool thing that had was a 2 meter high heart that you could go inside of. So if nothing else, that was worth the hassle to see. :P

Make sure you check out the other bloggers over at Unknown Mami. I also ask that you keep Mami in your thoughts and prayers as she is going through a very hard time right now and can use all the well wishes in the world. 


Joanna Jenkins said...

Look how fabulous you look! I hope you're feeling great too.

The giant heart is very cool.

Happy SIMC, jj

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! :)

You got photobombed in the 4th one down lol. :D

What is it with people and comp problems? Hubby used to fix computers and his extended family would call him to their house and expect him to fix it for free. He finally told everyone to quit and he hasn't fixed a computer since 2006.

Lost in Translation said...

He will not be at this place much longer and I am happy they ahve a complete lack of respect. They have previously give out our number and called our home on the eekend, r even showed up here. They call as early as 6 am as later as 10 pm, even though he is not working and expect him to offer 24 hour support.

And than they have the galls to ask himto fix thier home computers, he is a system administrator, not your personal assistant. End rant.

Anyway we are very much looking forward to him transferring to a new location.

The people at this place are terrible, they want him to do things like show them how to write a word file, which I cannot understand how anyone in a office position cannot do.

None the less- he is a helpful guy, so he does help the people who are nice to him with the extras. But he has had enough of the disresecpt like the lady who was creaming after him like a dog on Sunday. I doubt we will be going back to any optional events.

My lamaze class is there monday nights and so help me, if they start in then they will see my wrath :D

Sonya said...

You look fabulous and geez what a nice woman he has to work for! That heart is so cool looking!

Lost in Translation said...

It was not even someone he works under just a college. IT guys are known to get slack and bre treated as lesser valuable employees. Yet people cannot live without them. :P

Anonymous said...

Happy third trimester, you look fantastic.
That giant heart looks pretty amazing and fun to explore.

SK said...

You are looking great! Just a bit more to go, eh?

We went to a gesundheit fair something or other a few weeks ago and there were tons of huge walk in organs.. ha-ha. I forgot to take my camera!

Unknown Mami said...

You are looking gorgeous!

I have never been inside of a heart before.

Kebeni said...

what a big heart you have LOL enjoy your last few weeks of quiet :)

Lost in Translation said...

Joanna- Thank you. I am feeling well but more fatigued these days. Not feeling to hot at the moment I think I got a stomach bug.

Katrina- Yeah my face is awful in that picture lol.

Sonya- They are all absolutely mad I tell you. He is looking forward to moving on from this place.

Myrelish- Thank you. It was interesting. But I was really bumbed I miss the huge health fairs back home with all the boothes and freebies. This event was just not up to par. I wish they would let me have a go at planning it next year, ha.

SK- Maybe I should go to yours next time it is bown to be better lol. I am doing well less then 13 weeks left now.

Mami- Thank you and I am glad to see things brightening up a bit for you as well.

Kebini- Thanks, yeah I am trying to get as much done now as I can. but it also seems like I have so much time and nothing to do. I am not sure what to do with myself.


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