Monday, September 20, 2010

Bathroom tour

In the time I have been here I have never once shared pictures of my bathroom. Perhaps because normally it is the most unorganized room of the house. So 2 years after the fact. Here is my bathroom tour lol. 

I do not open all the drawers and everything, so this will not be like a youtube bathroom tour. This is just to show my friends and family, even readers who were curious. :)

This is looking in from the doorway. The floor and walls are all tile. On the right are the shower and bath. The left the sinks, washer, and toilet. And of course straight ahead the heater and window.

This is from the other side of the room by the window looking at the door. 

The bath and shower

The sinks and washer, which is covered in cleaning supplies at the moment. I am rearranging the hall cupboard. The green thing under the sink is the baby bath. And this is the new washer I got my friend Diane who moved back to the US, looks great don't it. I should have taken a picture of the before as well, oh well.

Washer and toilet. The toilets here are different. We do not have a lever to flush you push the button in the wall. It is also low pressure and there is no water bin. 

And the bathtub. 

This bathroom is one of the few things I actually love about this apartment. One I do not want to let go of lol. Only thing that would make it better was a bit more counter space, and maybe a better cupboard system under the sink. Oh and a cupboard for towels. Then perfection. :P

Since we have pretty much redone every room in the house I will be posting pics from every room. Some are the same, some radically changed.


Sonya said...

Oohh you have a bathtub! Im envious. We just have a shower..with no doors. It reminds me of the showers you see in community

Our toilet is like jet packed..flushes everything is a huge strong

I do love your bathroom : )

Formerly known as Frau said...

you are so lucky to have a tub and shower, when we lived in Germany only had a tub!

Anonymous said...

Nice tour!

Cool, I wondered about toilets. At Frankfurt airport they have the exact same kind and I never kind of got how they work.

Pussyfoots said...

Lookin' good!! Diane

lytha said...

we have the same tile with the scenery and the same color blue toilet, tub and sink! i feel like i'm at my grandparents house but i'm secretly hoping blue comes back in style.

we also have this little white box thing on the wall and once i accidentally touched it and this horrid smell came shooting out. we've never touched it since.


Lost in Translation said...

Darn, I wish this blogger would let me respond directly to comments. Oh well some day I will buy my own domain and whe I do hubby will design me a whole new site. I made itmy reward when I hit 250 subscribers I am 1/3 there :D

I need to be better about comment replies so here we go. My apologies I have to do it all at the bottom so I will point out who I am addressing.

Sonya- Yes we are lucky. Many places only have a shower or a bath. The baths have these shower head things but not in any way that you could even stand to shower. I want at least the combination ones like we have in the states. I need the option, especially with a baby I need a tub, and I need to be able to stand and shower not just hutch over with the spout thing while spraying water all over the room. But the 2 separate is really nice to have. Our last apartment only had a shower and I always wanted to take a bath.

Most German toilets have 2 levels of flush, but ours only has one. I hate it sometimes it is not even strong enough to take away toilet paper.

Frau- Oh I hate the places that only have one option. I really hate those spouts things you are supposed to wash with. I need to be able to stand hands free.

Katrina- I hate the toilets. They took me a while to get used too. I am just happy I do not have one with a poop shelf lol.

Diane- Thanks, We were so blessed by your generosity. Next week I am putting up the living room tour and you can see how all the furniture looks. I have also been cooking up a storm. I made quiet a few asian dishes with the wok. :) I also had my first house guests and the dishes matched, gasp :P

Lost in Translation said...

Lythia- I actually like the colored tile as opposed to have just white, I imagine that would be awful.

Do you know what the box you touched was, now I am curious lol.

I also forgot to mention on the image looking to the door on the right wall you see two round things, that is our water counters, still cannot believe you have to pay water in an apartment.

I need to get some blue bathmats and a mat for the shower and maybe a few decorations and the room should be done.


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