Wednesday, September 22, 2010

101 things in 1001 Days

Well you know me and my love for lists, as well as my utter inability to follow through with new years resolutions, or rather setting myself up to fail. So I decided to try something new called the 101 list. It is 101 tasks to be completed in 1001 days, just short of 3 years.

So this is my list, obviously some things are more probable then others. Day 1 starts today. I am excited to see how much I am able to achieve. I will do an update once a month about how my progress is coming along. In turn my new years resolutions will be scaled back greatly, I think I will limit myself to 12 this year or one per month :P

You can read more about the project and even track your 101 list at Dayzero

Alright, well I like to group by theme as it makes it easier.

Renas 101 list:

1. Finish homemaking binder
2. Create a Recipe Binder
3. Create a Holiday Binder
4. Create an inspiration notebook
5. Teach myself baking and bake 10 things
6. Create a pantry/ stockpile
7. Decorate each room of the house
8. Cook a traditional ddr feast
9. Learn to cook Indian food
10. Assemble an emergency kit for the house

Out and about:
11. Have a picnic
12. Visit 10 castles
13. Visit 10 museums
14. Visit a stage show
15. Visit the German cinema
16. Go on 10 dates with husband
17. Go to the zoo
18. Visit 10 kindermarkets and 10 flohmarkets
19. Go to a concert
20. Go to a middle age festival
21. Join the library

22. Cook a traditional thanksgiving dinner and invite guests
23. Homemake Christmas gifts
24. Cook a traditional Christmas dinner
25. Send Christmas Cards
26. Build a gingerbread house

27. Visit Paris and the Louve Museum
28. Fly home for a visit
29. Visit Munish
30. Visit Georgia (family friend)
31. Visit Minau
32. Visit Dachau
33. Visit London
34. Visit Ost or Nord see

35. Try mail art (10)
36. Swap 10 postcards
37. Write one letter home per month, altering the recipients
38. Try package swapping 10 times
39. Reach 250 blog followers
40. Then create my own site on my own server with design
41. Get my mac repaired

For the future:
42. Create a Time capsule for luka
43. Write a letter for myself to open in 10 years
44. Move into a new place
45. Establish an emergency savings fund in germany of 500 euro
46. Establish an emergency savings fund in the US of 500 dollars
47. Pay off 5 debts in the US
48. Pay off 4 debts in Germany
49. Apply for an ausbildung
50. Get my german drivers license
51. Ship 10 more boxes from home
52. Put aside 20 euro for each task completed
53. Open a retirement account

54. Create photo albums for 2009 and 2010
55. Finish my pregnancy journal
56. Make a baby book for Luka
57. Make a baby book for Toni
58. Have professional photos taken
59. Make a belly cast
60. Make a list of 100 reasons why I love my husband
61. Pick 5 people who have greatly influenced my life and write them

Learnings fun:
62. Finish my degree
63. Reach level c1 German
64. Take a class at the VHS
65. Learn to drive stick shift
66. Learn to swim
67. Take a cooking course or class

68. Have a baby shower
69. Throw Luka a birthday party
70. Throw Toni a birthday party
71. Throw myself a birthday party
72. Host a frauentag with my former class mates
73. Have an overnight/ weekend guest
74. Throw a dinner party
75. Have a movie marathon
76. Have a tea party

Baby Love:
77. Join a play group
78. Take a class with Luka
79. Teach Luka baby signing

80. Read the bible in its entirety
81. Baptize Luka
82. Find a church to join
83. Complete 50 questions that could free your mind
84. Keep a yearly journal with at least one entry per week

85. Read 10 classic books
86. Read 10 banned books
87. Read 101 books
88. Watch 101 Films
89. Purge and refill my Ipod
90. Read all Dean Koontz books currently in circulation
91. Read the Anne of Green Gables Series

Body works:
92. Get a Massage
93. Drop back to my prebaby weight
94. Try acupuncture
95. Get extra dental insurance

Look what I made:
96. Teach myself to sew and buy a sewing machine make 10 things
97. Try knitting and crotchet make 1 of each
98. Teach myself to paint (at least try)

Better start saving:
99. Buy a combi fridge or freezer
100. Buy a good camera
101. Buy a bigger bed

If you decide to make a list too, leave me the link. I would love to see what your 101 goals are. I will even include the link here in the post.


Sonya said...

Fantastic list..look forward to your progress : ) I need to make one aswell but have been lazy about

Lost in Translation said...

I think it will be fun. I like having a few years time. Obviously I probably ill not be able to travel to all the places maybe 1 per year. But it will be fun to see how much I can achieve.

My plan is to set aside I think it was 20 for each goal and then when I am done I hope to have over 1k 1500 if lucky , and then we can so something really special with the money like a family vacation. It is a fun way to save I think.

So my hope is to have a once a month update of what has been achieved, or at least if something is done. Try to have at least a few done per month, or in progress. :)

messhua said...

Good idea I should start one soon too... I have been feeling like I was in a mid life crisis recently... it is ridiculous though as I am only 30. I think that too many things have changed in my life in the past two years. Leaving Germany and the man I thought was the one. Leaving behind all the stuff I had bought during my three years in Munich. All these memories of Munich and my life back then keep coming back in my mind. It is hard so making a list might help me to look forward.I have started a blog but it is still early days and I am not feeling confident enough.

Lost in Translation said...

IF you go to the website that I linked at the top, they actually allow you to track you list there. And you can choose if you want it public or private. It is nice as they have a lot of tools for finding ideas. I did use a few directly, but the majority really just sparked ideas or reminded me of things I wanted to do.

I mean it may not all be done, I doubt I will buy a 600 euro camera as well as a bed and fridge and travel all of europe n 2 years with a newborn. But it is nic eto have choice, and to see things cross of the list :)

Then I think at the end I will just carry over any remainders and start agin.


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