Monday, December 19, 2011

We Moved!

Thats right I am now writing you from a quaint little village in the beautiful Black Forest. Lots of changes around here, check out what's new with us.

I can now announce, if you have not figured out already,  that I spent the past 3 years living and blogging in a bitty little town called Bad Wimpfen just 15 km north of Heilbronn, right in between Stuttgart and Heidelberg.

We have relocated to the south and now live in a top secret undisclosed location somewhere deep in the Black Forest :P Somewhere down by Freiberg. Did I mention we are only a half hour from the French border and only an hour from Basel, yeah buddy. Exploring time much.

T got a new job, a super job with a union contract working for the state. Now I cannot tell you where as you know its top secret classified. I love you all but do not want any 2 am ding dong ditches you know. I am sleep deprived enough as a first time mom :)

So we moved yesterday into the most amazing of amazing apartments. Did I ever mention that our previous landlord was the devil in disguise, of if not have I got stories for you. Well this landlord is almost as amazing as this apartment. So here take a peak. Please insert a squeal of delight for me .

Living room, yes the whole ceiling is hardwood.

Bathroom with separate bath and shower with his and hers sinks.

Oh buddy it has a kitchen. 

And a loft. 

Things are really looking up for us. It was kind of bitter sweet to leave Bad Wimfen behind. You see Bad Wimpfen and me had a special love hate relationship and as excited as I am to leave the hated things behind, a part of me is sad about the things I did love. Especially about a dear friend I made while in my birthing course. I sure hopes she comes to visit. Luckily its only 3 hours away, so day trip doable. What else will I miss, hmm my doctor and pediatrician. The baker who talked to me everytime I came in . Rossmann as there are none near by. And I might even miss that blue tower and Christmas market. But I have lots to look forward to here as well.

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Sommer J said...

Gorgeous apartment! Hope you enjoy your new town and abode. You all deserve all the great things going on.


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