Thursday, December 22, 2011

My 30 day wait list

I mentioned before a shift in my though process that I was striving for a more simplistic lifestyle, a more minimalist approach to living.

I have a great many goals for the upcoming year one of which is to regain better control of our finances and spending habits. To strive to only buy items we need and will use, not fill the house with countless items we think we want but really never use.

The 30 day wait list is a great tool in terms of cutting down frivolous spending.

The idea behind the 30 day wait list is that when considering  purchase you make write it out and make yourself wait at least 30 days to see if you really still want it.

Now I can see the pros and the cons to this, I am very much so striving for a more minimalist lifestyle, but I am also a frugalista, and if an item I know I need or really want goes on clearance, to say no I have to wait 12 more days which means spending 100 more is to me kind of silly.

But I do also see lots of frivolous spending and I think the likelihood of items going on sale right away is pretty slim so I am willing to give it a shot. I kind of look at it like a long term wish list. But not one cluttered with junk, one kept nice and trim full of only the items you would actually use. Tidied up regularly.

So when I see an item that makes my little heart skip a beat I will post it here and reflect back 30 days later to decide if it stays or hits the road. If nothing else makes gifting easier for Toni ha.

You can read more about creating a 30 day wait list over at the minimalist mom.

So lets get this show on the road.

Serena's 30 day wait list (I also keep a visual list on my pinterest)
Started Dec 22, due to reflect Jan 22 2012.
1. Vibram five fingers barefoot shoes Not cheap by any means, but to be honest I am kind of scared to get a cheapo item in regards to barefoot style shoes. I have heard so many good things about them. They start at 120 euro, yikes.
2. Flip and tumble reusable grocery bags. I have drooled for months. Even very sadly passed up a coop for these when the timing was not right. But they look so nice and comfortable. Especially when you consider how bulky so many of those reusable bags get. I would like to switch over to these.
3. Address stamp. How neat are those. Get rid of all those labels.
4. Kids day of the week clothing organizer. Do they make these for adults to because I seriously think my husband needs one.
5. A playpen. I cannot decide if I want one. Or even if I have enough room for one. I need to do some measuring. I wonder if it would actually get used. Hmmm. Lu did go in one at a friends house, they just take up so much space. He has a pack n play but I think he gets claustrophobic in the small space.

So that is what's on my mind now. Obviously some of these items will stay on the list for quiet sometime, as I will not be rushing out to buy 130 euro shoes on Jan 22. But it is a challenge to consider purchases outside of basic needs, before making spur of the moment decisions.

I have done this before. Some items that did make the cut and I am happy to have waited for include my diaper bag, a coffee pad machine, and a crockpot. All items I use almost daily and love. Much more worthwhile then a bunch of junk that would have sat in a drawer :)

Do you have a 30 day wait list or equivalent? What would be on yours. What is that item you really want but just are not so sure about?

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