Wednesday, June 9, 2010

With love from Dusseldorf

I was super excited to get a package from my friend Ashley in Dusseldorf. She recently visited the US and was sweet enough to take gifts for my family with her and ship them US post, sparing me the international shipping fees. In addition she brought me back some goodies.

I got:
3 Hamburger Helpers
A burrito kit
2 microwaveable popcorns
2 packs of Ranch mix
Taco seasoning
Spicy Cheetos
Buffalo Sauce
2 Can of rootbeer
and 3 magazines


Thanks Ash :)


Sonya said...

You should ask for someone to send you Root Beer can make your own rootbeer. I do it alot when I am unable to head to a store that sells it here.

can u not get microwavable popcorn there? they sell it over here. Enjoy the goodies. I know how exciting it is to get stuff from home:)

Ashley said...

No problem hun :) Im glad you liked it :)

lytha said...

so jealous. specially the A&W!!



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