Saturday, June 5, 2010

Elf Cosmetics Haul

Part of the package I got from home was 2 elf cosmetic orders. For those of you unfamiliar with elf, it is a very cheap cosmetic company in the US. They have a standard line (all items 1 dollar), a higher quality studio line (3 each), and are now branching out to even include minerals and body products. There have been ton of reviews about them, and I wanted to give them a shot, and hey for a buck you cant go wrong right?

So My first order was actually a Christmas gift. My order was 22.70 including shipping of 6.95. I used a by 1 get one free coupon.

I was able to get:
6 Eyeshadow quads (that is a total of 24 shadows)
3 Cream eye shadow duos (Six different colors, I hear they are great as eyeshadow bases)
2 all over brightening sticks ( I plan to use them as highlights and maybe a eyeshadow base)
A black liquid eye liner pen
A mineral eye shadow base
A eye color transformer (changes the finished of the shadows)
Eye shadow brush
Blending eye brush
Eye widening pencil

Actually I did not do so well with this order coupon wise. They sometimes offer really good deals. My mistake was mixing the 1 and 3 dollar items and of course it was half off the lower priced item. So you would save more if you buy all the same priced item, on the 1 dollar items this coupon gives you each item for .75 cents. Or from the studio line you would get them for 2.25 each.

My second order I really scored. They were trying to clear out the sugar kiss inventory with a 75% off coupon. I got all of the following items for 11.45 including the 6.95 shipping.

That included:
A 3 piece mini brush set
4 eye glitter pigments
a lip gloss in a tin
3 lip gloss compacts
a two color glitter eye shadow
2 glitter eye liners
4 lip liners
4 glosses
a trio lip gloss compact
2 heart shaped pencil sharpeners

Elf is currently running a Memorial day sale with buy 1 get 1 50% off with any 20 dollar purchase. Just enter MEMHALF at checkout. 

You can sign up on the website to join their mailing list and get the latest offers sent to your inbox.

They do occasionally have 50% off your total order, but not so often so this is one of their better deals.

All orders incur a shipping fee of 6.95 and the do not ship international. I have it shipped to my mom and she send it to me in a package as room permits. But its a heck of a lot cheaper then the european brands.


Sonya said...

WOW thats awesome! I can't stand how much makeup is over here! Im thinking of doing wat you did and have my mom pick up some stuff for me.

Frau said...

Great buys....I refuse to buy make up here...stopped wearing it once I ran out. I'm down to one eye liner! My daughter is making hers stretch. 20 more days I think we can make it!


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