Friday, June 11, 2010

I lied

And apparently cannot understand a calendar either. I am 13 weeks pregnant Sunday is the start of the 14th week. So I will have to update all my pics.

The last post was week 13 not 12.


Tammy said...

Here you go! :)

1. What are some of the interesting/amusing aspects of an inter-national marriage? :)

2. Are you hoping for a baby boy or baby girl -- or do you not have a preference? :)

3. Do you cook for fun/as a hobby, or because you have to?

4. Tell me about your favorite German food!

5. What's one of your favorite things about your husband? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there! :) Found you through Tammy's Recipes :D. It's cool to see another American overseas!

I LOVE the blog post about your husband trying Dr. Pepper LOL. My husband had the exact same face trying chili cheese fries :D lol

Congrats on your pregnancy! :)

Serena said...

I know!! I saw your post on happy housewife, and I thought "I didn't post anything yet..." hehe! Not often I find other people with the name Serena... not very common! :)


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