Thursday, June 10, 2010

Toni tries dr. Pepper

Personally, I find this response 1000 times better then the root beer one. No wonder Germans have less then 5 flavors of soda, and rely on 1001 variations of cola.

The Culprit

The initial response

The final reaction


Sommer J said...

Hahah Toni's too cute :)

I was a dr pepper-holic whilst pregnant...that explains my 3 I guess!!

lytha said...

ah, next time: rootbeer, that will be a kick: ) but unfortunately i have no idea where one can get rootbeer in this country.

now i'm craving a dr. pepper. thank god for shell stations (but they do cost about 1,50E)

lytha said...

oops, sorry, i guess you already did. i should read slower.

Lost in Translation said...

I only buy them as a rare treat. Now rootbeer you will never find in any normal shop. Only place would be import food shops or online, but they charge about 20 euro a 12 pack wowzers. Now to be honest, I would do that once in a blu emoon maybe for xmas to make floats, but that won't be our drink of choice :)

Sonya said we can get rootbeer extract and make our own, I need to look into that idea.

I try not to drink much soda, mostly because coke all the time bores me and they don't have much variety. I do enjoy sinacola that is coke with bubble water, or vita cola coke with lemon.

Aunt Krissy said...

What! No grape, cherry or strawberry soda?! How can you live like that?! What about 7-UP or Sprite?

Mama Bear said...

HEY!!! Thats my FAVORITE drink! Tell him to be nice to my Dr Pepper. It deserves only the best thoughts!

Jentry M. said...

Hi there! I came across your blog via AmiExpat. I got my husband to try Dr. Pepper when we were back in Texas. He really likes it though...Root Beer...not so much. Oh, and you can get Root Beer at Subways here (at least in the town I live in, which is quite small). However, the DP tastes a lot different here than in the US. The reason is that they use real sugar here instead of high fructose corn syrup. It really does make a difference. I had a DP from the gas station for the Deutschland game just isn't the same. ;)


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