Sunday, June 6, 2010

Holiday plan

So one of the things I have been working on is a holiday plan for my home journal. Now this was hard work for me, because for every single holiday I could find, be it German or US, I found ways that it would be fun or education to celebrate as a family. But at the same time, I realize unless I was to rent a storage unit and hire a nanny and cleaner, I would have not the space nor the time to do so. Now that is not to say later I wont add special activities for the day such as Presidents day or St patty's, but it is not a holiday that in our family craves tradition and decoration.

So this is what I have come up with so far and my ideas, please do tell me yours as well and any ideas you have that might add to my day :)

So first and foremost I plan to decorate based on season and then just add to or swap out for the special holidays that fall in that time. I would love to make (or if I fail extremely buy) a wreath for each season, as well as set up a table runner with deco, and some nicknacks, maybe a wall hanging.

The seasons in Germany run:
Winter Dec- Feb
Spring Mar- May
Summer June- Aug
Fall Sep- Nov

Here are the holidays that I plan to incorporate into our traditions:
* Note obviously babies wont do crafts, I mean in general and as time goes on lol

New Years- I do not know that there are really any traditions here worth celebrating, most is done the night before, do you celebrate New Years Day?

Valentines Day: I am thinking a special dinner and family movie, treats, valentines, themed crafts, maybe a table runner and some pop ups, window art and such. Easy to put up for a week and then take down.

Fasching: This is the German equivalent to Marti Gras. Germans get really into it and dress up and go to a parade, the kids also dress up in school.

Based on the calendar Easter

Based on the calendar Easter: I am thinking a special dinner, easter egg hunt, easter bunny, and a whole month of decorations, a door hanger with a table runner and deco, maybe some window stickers, wall hangers, or pop ups, themed crafts

April Fools/ Daddy's birthday: Now the two fall together so I am not to sure how to work that out, any tips?

Mother's Day- Any ideas? Maybe daddy and baby plan a special day for mommy?

Fathers Day- I am thinking Mommy and Baby plan a special day for daddy, maybe themed crafts, special dinner.

Mommy's birthday- normal birthday stuff

Independence day: I planned to decorate for the month with the normal patriotic stuff: door hanger, table runner and deco, maybe pop ups, window art. Also themed crafts, a BBQ, maybe a special movie or games and activities

I got nothing

I got nothing

German Unity Day: Not really celebrated here, but I thought it would be a fun counter balance to independence day same idea with German themes

Halloween: Dress up and probably host a party, decorations for the month

Thanksgiving: Decorations for the month, special dinner with guests, activities

Nicolas day- Kids put out there shoes and they get filled with candy

Christmas eve (Holy evening)- Now here gets tricky as this is the celebrated Christmas in Germany, but in the US we only open on gift and santa comes at night, maybe gifts from Germany tonight and santa and american gifts on x-mas morning?

Christmas- Same as above, german tradition a big meal

2nd christmas- another big meal the day after christmas, I would like to think of another kid friendly special activity that makes this day more then just a meal

Babys birthday- normal birthday stuff

New years (silvester)- pretty similar, not sure if it is worth it to decorate, or maybe just switch out the table runner and deco, and add party favors

So what holidays do you celebrate for or decorate?

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