Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2,012 in 2012

I have one big goal, or challenge, really for myself in 2012. To purge my home of 2,012 items. I was worried that it would be hard to do, but now as I am getting into purging and organizing I think it is a pretty tangible goal.

The idea is no to go without. But to get rid of the excess that is not in use to make room for what we have or want that will actually get use and that we enjoy.

I will get rid of items via, trade, sale, or donation. I realize trade means bringing things back in, but again, it is about being selective in regards to what we bring into our homes items that will actually get usage.

So I will track my progress here. Make this a tab up at the top.

I am only tracking items actually on the way out, not the piles of stuff to get rid of until they have a destination. I am also not tracking normal waste or recycling or consumables.

This is my no means all inclusive this is just what I remember to document :P. If I was thourough I would reach my goal much faster heh
1-2. 2 too small nursing tanks (sold)
3-14. 5 pair earings, 1 anklet, 2 nacklaces, and 4 bracelets (traded for 1 item)
15-26. 5 Tie nappies, 2 diaper covers, 5 insert socks (sold)
27. One pair of wool baby pants (sold)
28-35. Mens accessories (sold)
36. Mens tank top (sold)
37-38. Under the toilet mat and toilet seat cover (sold)
39. Baby blanket (sold)
40. Baby strampler (sold)
41-43. 3 G diaper liners (sold)
44-72. 29 Diaper inserts (sold)
73. Mens swim shorts (sold)
74. One wool diaper cover (traded)
75-82. 8 moving boxes that did not survive so well taken to recycling hof, normal packaging cartons not counted. (recycled)
83-88. Atari console, joystick, 4 games (sold)
89. Womens dress (sold)
90. Long sleeve mens shirt (sold)
91. Short sleeve mens shirt (sold)
92. Womens pants (sold)
93. Mens short sleeve top (sold)
94. Womens top (sold)
95. Mens coat (sold)
96. Mens coat (sold)
97. Wool baby shorts (sold)
98. Wool diaper cover (sold)

99.-108. Sims games (sold)
109.-111. 2 womens tops and 1 sweater (sold)
112-127. 13 bangle bracelets, womens pants, 2 earings (traded)
128. Wool baby pants (sold)
129-130. 2 pairs of fleece longies
131 - 139. 8 cloth pads and moon cup
140 - 141. 2 katrina soaker diy sewing kits

142 - 153. Hand cream sample, 3 partial wool wash bits and 1 wool wash bar, musical bear, mei tai baby carrier, heilwolle, diva cup, 2 board books, Tie nappy
154 - 160. 7 cloth pads
161. Old remote
163.- 165. 3 polymailers (used)
166. One repurposed shipping box
167.- 176 expired meds cleared out
177. Broken diaper dispensor (recycled)
178. Old binder (recycled)
179. Window curtain hanger that no longer fit (recycled)
180. Broken basket (recycled)
181. Old table cloth (textile donation bin)
182. Old cable box (recycled)
183- 232 recycling trip, trash, donation bin: egg holder, stuffed animal, bangle bracelet, broken chico hanging toy, 5 plastic cutting boards, 2 baskets, egg cooker, 2 hair dye sets, baby tee, isolated bag, slippers, tennis shoes, reusable bag, keyboard, candle holder, candle, lotto ticket holder, 19 folders, glover, headphones, mouse, webcam, giftbag, cosmetic pouch, pencil pouch, remote
233-251. Donation bin and recycled- 6 shipping cartons, 1 broken fan, broken basket, jewelry box, 7 pieces of clothing, 1 old duvet cover, 2 sets of gloves

April: Not tracked

252-274. 18 fitted diapers, 5 inserts
275-313. 35 used diapers, 3 tops, 1 pants
314-315. 2 fleece shortes donated to charity auction
316-317. 2 fleece pants
318-320. 3 wool covers
321-328. 8 books
329-354. aprox 12 liners 12 inserts, 2 gerber covers

June not tracked

355-381. 25 pieces of clothing outgrown, 2 womens clothing items
382-384. 3 flats
385. 1 diaper cover and 1 prefold
386-387. 2 diaper covers
388- 390. 3 diapers
391-400. 10 diapering items
401. 1 diaper
402-403. 2 fleece covers
404-416. 13 clothing items
417-435. 19 clothing
436-445. 10 diapers
446-449 4 covers
450-455. 6 pefolds

456-510. Boys clothing lot 55 items
511-538. boys clothing lot 28 items
539-543 scrabble, 3 oragami book, and a video game
548 rocking caterpillar, 2 half packs of diapers, cookbook and womens top
566 18 packs of expired cool aid (yes I sure did sell them dyers love koolaid)
568 snowsuit and coat
571 2 snow pants and 1 snow outfit
621´boys lot 50 items
644 boys lot 23 items
 664 boys lot 20 items
692 boys lot 28 items
700 8 tie nappies
705 2 earings, 2 bracelets, and a neckalec
706 1 sweatshirt
736 boys lot 30 items (aprox guestimation makes up for all my unaccounted items)
737 baby sling
747 10 diaper and baby items
751 4 baby swaddlers
752 diaper bag
762. boys lit with 10 items
765. 3 bracelets
768 boys tops 3

1244 to go...

Care to join me? 


Sonya said...

Hey thats really great! I am workong on doing the same thing..want vs need has always been a big thing for me but the older I get the more I want to rid myself of stuff that just sits there and doesnt provide a purpose. Im amazed how much stuff I have that I dont use.

So I will be joining you :)

G in Berlin said...

I started doing this last year, but I'll join you in counting the items as they leave the house as a motivation tool!


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