Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ich Liess Mein Herz in Deutschland 2011 in review

2011 was an awesome year even for ILMHiD, which was actually a shock to me as I took a good portion of the year off while adjusting to my new life as a mom. So here is a look at the stats to date and for 2011. Thanks for making ILMHiD a success, you guys breathe live into my posts and it truly means the world to me.

Here is a look at some fun stats about ILMHiD. Here is the info to date from blog start through today.

Blog Stats:
Page views: 33,270
Followers on google connect: 55
Followers on Networked Blogs: 79
Fans on Facebook: 67

Top 5 Traffic sources: 1,379 1,222
www.networked 1063 527 384

Top 5 countries of viewers:
United states
South Korea

Top 5 google searches (That do not include my blog name):
Random Schlecker
Cloth diapering Germany
Diapers in Germany
Rossmann Deutschland
Amazon mom Deutschland

And just for kicks, things people find my blog while searching that scare me:
Gangy sanft
Magic Teenies
Ob gyn exam tables
Tennie Pregnant
Gynecological exam tables

Busiest Month:
December 2009 with 3,880 page views

Top 5 Posts off all time
First place with 723 views Free Stuff for expecting and new moms in Germany 11/10/10
Second place with 523  views Just for the Ladies 4/12/10
Third place with 436 views Disposable diapers in Germany 11/26/2010
Fourth place with 382 views Luca's birth story 1/17/2011
Fifth place with 360 views Schlecker Baby Club begrüssungspaket 12/13/2010

Top 5 posts of 2011

First place with 382 views  Lucas birth story 1/17/2011
Second place with 166 views Sundays in my city 6/19/2011
Third place with 131 views One year later 11/26/2011
Fourth place with 127 views Rossmann: 4 packs of baby wipes for 2,99 3/31/2011
Fifth place with 127 views Rossmann: 4 packs of baby wipes for 2,99 3/31/2011

Thanks for another awesome year!

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