Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where's the popsicles....

It is disgustingly hot today and humid and more then anything in the world I wanted some popsicles. Nothing with milk products just a normal popsicle be it the fancy fruit juice kind or the cheapo three flavor trios.

So Teenie and me set out in the heat, hiked across town to the grocery store i search of said popsicles, and did they have them... no. They had one kind of popsicle with pop rocks on it for 4.50 USD. Everything else was normal ice cream.

I do not know about you but anything dairy is just gross to me in extreme heat. I mean I do not mind a nice Italian eis on a tempid summer day, but melting dairy, yuck no thanks. I did notice they had ben and jerrys if you did not mind the eye gouging 8.75USD price tag, yes for the small one.

So I took the pop rocks and noted to myself to buy a popsicle set while home. It is the little things you miss most. Simple, fruity, plain popsicles.

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Anne said...

This definitely is the week for popsicles! Now you've got me thinking about the red, white, and blue rocket popsicles we would eat on summer trips or the regular ones with 2 sticks that you could break in half using the kitchen counter edge...yum...


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