Thursday, September 1, 2011

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth

Another fun post from the unpublished archives of Lost in translation, dun dun dun. I wrote this post Last year again while pregnant. So just for giggles here is that post and at the end I updated it with my wishlist for this holiday season

Alright, this is just intended to be a fun post. I know as kids we all loved writing out our letters to santa with our wish lists. I think it can be equally fun as adults. And it is actually not a bad idea, my husband loves when I give him ideas of what I want, and sometimes those ideas even inspire him to think of something else on his own, which is always lots of fun.

So here is my question for you, what do you want for Christmas???
Don't hold back write what ever you want, they need not be practical. 

Alright so heres my top picks:
1. The echte Deutche Kueche cookbook (authentic german cookbook, supposed to be the best)
2. The Anne of Green Gables book series
3. An Ergo baby carrier (I said we can dream big now)
4. A charm for my charm bracelet
5. A kombi fridge or freezer :P
6. A stationary bike
7. A crock pot
8. A salad spinner
9. A warm comfy oversized cardigan 
10. A snuggle blanket 
11. A sewing machine

HA, ok, so there are some cool ideas in there, but also a lot of wishful thinking.

Now is your turn, tell me what's on yoru wish list.

***** Update*****
Sine this was written last year I did get my ergo carrier. My dad got it for me while I was pregnant.
DH bought a kobi fridge earlier this year, we got a great deal 50% off.
My mom just won me a salad spinner at a local auction so I look forward to that.
I got an awesome deal on some 3/4 length sweaters on Old Navy and some cute cardigans to boot.
For my Anniversary last year DH got me a sewing machine

****New and Improved in 2011****
So lets see my wishlist for this year, hmm have not given it much thought till I saw this post teehee.

1. A book with local wildlife and plants, along with a pair of binoculars. I would like to take up bird watching.
2. Crockpot makes it on the list again
3. A King size bed, I am dreaming bigger this year ha
4. You know I still want a snuggle blanket
5. I also still want the Anne of Green gables book series, hmm lets be adventurous and say I would love the dvd set to match
6. I would love a set of unpaper towels and kitchen wet bag for my kitchen, yes I am a hippy the truth comes out
7. I would like some puzzles and one of those puzzle mats you can roll up that keeps all the peices in place, that is how that works right?!?
8. A bob Ross painting set
9. A pad coffee machine
10. And last but not least ....  Some paperback books


And since I have a son who cannot write yet why not have a fun list for him too
1. Wool knit diaper covers- be it longies, shorties or soakers. Man those are sure pretty but oh so expensive, I need to learn how to knit.
2. Books, books books- English, German, Board, story, picture, classics... I sure hope this kid loves books as much as me
3. One of those neat toys for learning to walk that you can push around
4. Wooden or felt toys
5. A ball pen- Because I think sand is evil.

What He does not want, tambourines or drums, anyone who buys him such will be doomed to 2 am musical phone calls for eternity!!!! :P

Soo silly lists aside, lets talk holidays for a moment. I really want to make gifts this year. I can talk freely only about the things that apply to people who do not read my blosg tee hee.

So my x mas ideas (mom and dad not included ...)
Mother and father in law: I would like to make a set of wine glass makers to go with a bottle of wine

Great Grandma: I am making a photo frame with a print of teenie, need something to go eith it but not sure yet maybe a sweet treat I could bake cookies or something like coffee cake maybe

Brother in law: Hmm, you know I do not think I could make anything he would think is cool. So I am watching clearance sales.

DH: No clue yet on what I can make him. Any ideas? I mean as far as what I can buy the man murders shoes, so I could get him some new boots he would love that. He needs a new wallet too, so stalking online sales. His Christmas wish list would include call of duty modern warfare 4 and a HD tv reciever lol, boys will be boys

Baby bear: I have some cute baby patterns. I want to go to ikea and get fabric. I wanted to make him some clothes, maybe try making a diaper or too (ok that is a lame gift but makes me happy) and maybe makes some felt toys?? I will also be scouring the flea markets for some nice second hand items for x mas as well as his b day. I got a second hand rocking caterpillar (like a rocking horse). I hoe to find some nice wooden toys and some books. I have lots of books in my storage I may set those aside for gifts.

Aside from that I have my mom and dad, but curiosity killed the cat.

Do you make holiday gifts? I would love to know what you plan to make. And let me know what would be on your ultimate holiday wishlist.

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