Monday, August 23, 2010

Meal plan Aug 20-31st

I know mine are running a little funny at the moment. But due to the pregnancy I am trying to get it down to 3 times a month shopping or every 10 days. Unless there is a very good sale and then I can just go in super quick for those items.

On that note: This week Lidl has Cheddar for 2.19 for 400g

I am also interested in perhaps the swedish meatballs. I have never tried any of the other items, have to struck gold with any of those?

Bear in mind cheddar can be bought at most groceries, but you will pay around 5 euro for a tiny wedge that maybe brings 1 cup shredded. And i am not fond of the taste. I find the lidl cheddar more in line with what I am accustomed to in the US. Bear in mind lidl only has this sale 2-4 times a year. So stock up. I would buy a whole case if I had the freezer room. But I think I will pick up 5. I like to shred half and then cut the other half into slices for snack or sandwiches and then you can take out just so much you need, versus trying to use a whole block up before it goes bad.

I am actually on a freezer kick in general to save veggies that would otherwise go bad. But mine is so small, I can't really do much. I hope santa brings me a combi for christmas.

So here are my meals from August 20th through 31st

1. Pork fried rice
2. Tortellini with a baguette and salad
3. Soup and salad
4. Spatzle with linsen soup
5. Bratwurst with brat sauce, potato salad, and a roll
6. noodle bake with ham, krauter butter, and cheese, roll and salad
7. Coney Island Chili cheese dogs and fries
8/ Fleischballchen Stroganoff
9. Chicken nuggets with Kroketten and a veggie
10. Pizzas and salad
11. Spagetti with rolls and salad

1. Left over fried rice
2. rib burgers with bbq chips
3. Ministrone soup with toast
4. Grilled cheese with salad
5. belegtes brotchen and 5 minuten terrainen
6. Curry noodles
7. Left over day
8. Top ramen and egg
9 Grilled cheese and ham and potato salad
10. Pork chops and baked beans
11. Left overs

4x yogurt
2x hot rolls with nurenburger wursts
2x cereal
1. Pancakes with bacon
2. Omlettes

I no longer plan snacks but I have sweet, salty, savory, and fruit/ veggie on hand.
This week I have kase wurstchen, carrots and celery, chips, musli bars, baby bells, and grapes

So whats for dinner at your house?


Sommer J said...

Hope you get that freezer for Christmas!

I meal plan for 2 weeks, too. I buy everything at once and try not to forget something, though I usually do. Your plan sounds yum!

Katrina Northwest said...

Lidl is wonderful! Ours isn't having any good sales this week minus some yogurt, soda, and meat pies lol.

It's the cheapest store in Finland. Bread is 99 cents, lunchmeat 1.09, 16 pack cheese slices 1.40. Finnish stores can't compete really.

The meatballs are GREAT! We use the ones in the blue package, you can slice and fry them in place of ground chuck. Raw meat makes me sick so I like this instead.

Lidl is having a birthday sale I think this Thursday and they're having their version of Funions, so I'm going to get some of those. Also they have the Crusti Croc cheese poofs, sooo addicting lol.

Your menu sounds great! :)

messhua said...

Nice meal plan!Trying also to make my meal plans in advance but what do you do when you crave something particular ?

Lost in Translation said...

We do make alterations if need be. But the more often you go to the store, the more you spend on items you do not need.

Also by changing the meal plan items go bad, as german foods do not have a very long shelf life, so I try to avoid it. My ideal situation is when something comes up, I jot it down and add it to the next meal plan. Then I can look forward to it.

But by planning rather then winging it, you are gain a lot more control over your food spending and waste. Even now I am upset by what we waste. I wish we had the freezer space I would save a lot more.


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