Friday, August 20, 2010

22 weeks

Looking down

Self portrait 

Reflection. Ignore the recycling lol.

No I do not want to talk about my hair in this photo. 

He's growing.

And he has a name, Luka.


Anonymous said...

Aw! :) Luka is a great name! I forgot to mention earlier but congrats on having a boy! :)

Is he having a full German name or one German name one American?

Whenever Hubby and I have kids we'll give them one Finnish name and one American, let 'em choose lol! :)

Lost in Translation said...

We did not do either a German or American name. Luka is more common in Greece or the Eastern European states, it is not a name of German origin.

We have not yet decided on middle name but it will likely be from a family member.

Many names overlap in both countries. He hates traditional german names, and I hate modern American names, so we looked for something not so common, but also not off the wall.

Germany has pretty strict name laws, so no sparkles or princesses here, at least not under the german name laws.

Anonymous said...

That's cool! Hubby doesn't like most mainstream Finnish names either, and I don't care for many of the American ones too.

I think we'd go with a religious Finnish name and then something else whenever we do have kids.

I wonder if Finland has name laws too, I don't know. I should look that up.


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