Wednesday, August 25, 2010

26th Birthday

We spent my 26th birthday down in Sonthofen visiting my brother and his family. We actually did a lot of traveling during that time as you saw with the Neusuanstein post. And there is more to come. But today I wanted to talk about my birthday.

I wish I wrote these posts sooner, rather then so long after the fact, as I loose a lot of the details and that always upsets me.

Anyway, on the morning of my birthday we wend out sightseeing, we did not go far, I believe we just looked around Sonthofen and visited a few local shops. Nothing fancy, at least that I can recall, but again I have pregnancy brain so bear with me.

When we came back we had a lovely family party with my brother and his mother. We had coffee (decaff for me) and cake (banana and German strawberry cheesecake)

And then we (I) opened presents:

From my brother and his family I got this lovely basket with a cloth insert, a sandwich cooker, a tuperware set, and a digital picture frame full of photos from our dads youth. I loved everything, but the latter was the absolute best. Maybe I can record the slideshow somehow and post it here. Then again my dad might kill me for posting photos of him with a red fishnet tee, but hey he was rockin the decaprio hair, he was quiet striking even with the red mesh, ha. Hey you bought that shirt, not me :P

Toni got me a lovely Sterling silver charm bracelet with my first charm a star. I plan to add additional charms for certain events- anniversary, lukas birth.

My Dad and step mom funded our trip down to sonthofen as well as our excursions to Neuschwanstein and the boden sea. 

And I do not have a picture, but my mom got me the Betty Crocker Cooking Basics cookbook and a whole bunch of maternity clothing. 

Overall it was a great birthday and it was wonderful to have a family party, especially in a culture where there are no pot lucks or going dutch. Here no one treats you to dinner on your birthday, you have to plan your own party and are expected to buy everyone elses. Some things you just never get used to.


Sommer J said...

I didnt know you had family who lived in Germany, lucky! Sounds like a lovely day! I never get presents on my birthday anymore :-)

Lost in Translation said...

I have one half brother in southern Germany. He has lived here his whole life. He lives alone but on the next floor live his mom and uncle and we get along well.

And if you told me in advance when your b-day was I would get you a present

Katrina Northwest said...

Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like you had a great time!!! :)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

What, pay for your own birthday dinner!!! No pot lucks? Your not in another country that's another planet HA! It does look like you did got some great gifts! I'll keep checking back for dad in a red fishnet tee! Happy belated birthday!



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