Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mckenndy foods

Ok, guys so I need to track down my camera cord in the chaos that has become my home. So once I add pics to the posts, I will have another post with links to the updated threads. :)

So I mentioned about the American food at Lidl, and I wanted to leave my thoughts on the items I have had the chance to try.

1. Ranch dressing- Now never expect hidden valley here, as you wont get it. This one looks like ranch, smells like ranch, even tastes like a cheap off brand ranch. But it is by no means thick and creamy it is actually very watered down. So this does not work well at all as a dip, it would work though as a traditional dressing in a tossed salad or cooked into dishes.

2. Hamburger sauce- I have no idea what this is supposed to be, but it tasted like big mac sauce with extra pickle to me. My husband enjoyed it, I found it edible, but not something I would buy again just for myself.

3. Doritoes- They taste the same as the American ones best I can tell, though serving size is much smaller. The normal sized bags are about the size of gas station snack packs, but  nice treat once in a while. If you wanted to use it as a finger food at a piknic you would have to buy whole lot of bags.

4. Peanut butter- I have bought it before and I buy it during this week sales, not for the quality but because you get so much for a good price. Normally I pay double for a jar 1/2 the size. It is edible, but very dry and sticky. So it is not even comparable to off brands. I do also buy the more pricey stuff, but none of it is jiffy.

I will let you know about the others as I use them.

Did you pick up any items at lidl? What did you think about them?


Sarah said...

Have you tried adding additional ingredients to the things you buy to make them taste more like home? For creamier ranch you might try adding a small amount of sour cream or plain yogurt, a little pepper added makes a big difference in the taste too. For "wetter" peanut butter you can add a bit of oil. That's kind of what I did while living in Ghana, because sometimes you just need a taste of home!
Just take the amount you hope to consume and experiment in small quantities so you don't ruin the whole bottle if it comes out nasty! For more ideas, you can check out recipe websites to see what is usually found in stuff. Good luck!
Sarah K (from PCC)

Frau said...

I bought the Popcorn Shrimp in the freezer section haven't tried it yet. I was a little disappointed I have had that brand before and it's okay, better than nothing. I was hoping for some poptarts or something unique. Have a great long weekend.


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