Thursday, May 20, 2010

Alive and well

Hey guys,
sorry for neglecting on the posts. I have tons I want to do, just need to get them done. But I see that many bloggers who are pregnant have a tendency to disappear for a while, so at least I am not the lone ranger :)

I am doing fine, I am now in the 9th week.

Lots of people have asked me questions that I will address in later posts. I just wanted to say I haven not forgotten about you all.

Today is the first day of American week at lidl. I am excited as always :)


Sonya said...

Being pregnant can take alot out of as much as you can. We'll all be here when you can return more often..although once baby is here,your time will be taken up for a very long time! lol

MamaWithFlavor said...

Mama's back, too!

It's hard to keep a blog up with family life. It literally takes me hours to do post one blog entry as I have children, a house to clean, food to cook and things to do! It is a great release and a great way to meet different people.

Frau said...

Lots of's all worth the tiredness! Thanks for the heads up on lidl ! Take care!


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