Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Homekeeper's Journal

In my kitchen ……. We had a lazy day, so just frozen pizzas. Hubby's request. Tomorrow I plan to make hack braten and a sausage/ tortilla quiche. 
On my mind today …… lots of things- the ever growing housework, fatigue, yucky weather, calls I need to return
Something that makes me feel rather touchy …….. when people make rude and thoughtless comments or generalizations about pregnant women. 
One goal for this week is ….. to get the house whipped back into shape. Also get my meal plan worked out for next week. 
What I’m reading …… What to expect when you are expecting, Girlfriends guide to pregnancy, the shining, dream catcher, and a million little pieces
One individual I am praying for ….. I don't really limit to one individual. My father and my mother. 
I am looking forward to …… the end of the fatigue. 
On the Back Burner of my mind …… finding a new place 
I see God moving ……. in the storm outside my window

1 comment:

Frau said...

Sorry you are so tired....soon you will feel better! Take care of yourself don't worry about your house...you and the baby are #1.


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