Friday, May 28, 2010

Are you a complainer?

No, I don't mean the "nobody likes me every body hates me I'm gonna eat some worms" kind.

I mean, if you don't get your dollars worth are you one to eat it, or to say hey buddy.

I am the latter. And I am actually rather proud of myself for having conducted my complaint today on the phone, and in German.

So here is why I was upset. Many of you know from facebook we recently bought a new sofa. Well delivery is about 2 weeks later, they called and set up a time to come. Super. We made plans to be home at said time. Come home, and bam they came early and left the couch outside the door.

Now, when I paid for delivery, I paid for them to bring it into the house and make sure it fits. Thank god it did and the neighbor helped. But if we wanted to move it ourselves, we would have just used their rental truck and paid only 15 euro.

Now the neighbor was home, so it was not just abandoned. Had we not been home when we had an appointment, I would understand them leaving it. I would be a bit mad and hope they would reschedule at least. But they came early, no wonder we were not there. And then they said oh well we called.

Well a appointment is an appointment in my book. So I called up the store, and they tried to explain the policy when no one is home, and after I reiterated that had they come at the appointed time, I was there, I got a response. In the end we got a 30 euro gift card for the store. I am happy with that. That is 40% of the shipping costs. I did not expect a full refund as it was delivered, just not as described.

I was so nervous with my German, I even at one time when explaining I wanted a refund said oh I mean I will pay for the couch lol, duh. She laughed and was super nice. I told them I am totally happy with the couch, just upset to come home and see my new stuff jammed up.

The only other time I ever complained in Germany, was a mcdonalds when they forgot my husbands food after 30 minutes. We got a free apple pie then. So I must be doing better.

I am not a big hell raiser, but if it comes down to not being delivered what I have paid for I will ask for at least partial compensation and I have no qualms about that. But I know many people do. My husband will never complain, and sometimes he gets embarrassed and asks me not to, but I saw a small smile today after he saw success.

So are you a complainer?

What was your most successful complaint?


Sonya said...

Im very rarely a complainer. I cant remember the last time I needed to say I can deal with snotty people for the most part but your service was pretty bad..if they would of done that here,someone else would of come by and stolen it.

Good for you for calling up! it's always nervewracking when speaking another language. Good job!

lytha said...

i recently was pissed off enough to call a german radio station and ask them WTH is up with the music. it is a classical station but apparently after 6 pm they play folk music and it was like whistling duets. i was so mad, i said why can't i have a classical station that plays just classical and they said sorry we have to vary our program and i said "this is like living in the old days! when will germany catch up!" and the guy was pretty ticked off at me then.

oh well. at least they know how i feel. specifically, we do not have enough choices here. tv, radio - there are so many more specialized stations back home. christian radio stations, for example, and i totally miss talk radio - all of them. for tv: animal planet!!!! university of washington television for people who want to pretend they're actually in school still, and of course, the sci fi channel. good grief, did we really have a channel with only sci fi?


Aunt Krissy said...

It's really not complaining. It's standing up for yourself when you are being treated unfairly.


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