Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friend Making Mondays (on Saturday)

Oops My apologies for being a bit late on this activity, but I get an A for effort.

List 10 random things about yourself that people might not know or you just want to share:

1. I read magazines backwards. The individual articles I read in the correct order, but I start from the back cover and proceed forward one article at a time. I also read the ads, which may have to do with the limit English literature I have access to lol.

2. I have a scheduled routine in the shower: a) wash hair b) put in conditioner c) wash face d) wash body (including counting to 15 everywhere) d) rinse out conditioner e) rinse entire body f) brush teeth

3. Everyday I go online to the following websites: (I do read other blogs but not as religiously),,,,,, and

4. I love to read, but instead of reading on book at a time, I tend to read 4 books and a variety of magazines at the same time and enjoy them over longer periods of time

5. I am a list whore. I make lists for everything, and then I rewrite the list if anything is changed, a screwed up list screws up my chi. I have a huge pile of scrap paper just for my lists

6. When I talk on the phone I have to look at pictures. Be it photos on my computer or in a magazine, I cannot just sit and talk on the phone without having something to look at

7. I love multitasking, I very rarely do just one thing at a time. 

8. I am horrible about writing letters, and even worse with birthday cards. I have a stack of partially written or un-mailed letters dating back to last year. I was even lame enough to try to pull of saying it must have been lost in the mail when someone received a 5 month old postcard

9. I love anything with Mermaids, Disney Princesses, or lambs

10.I usually wear clothes a few times before washing them. This rule does exclude underwear, or soiled or smelly clothes. But pants and shirts that still smell fresh and don't have anything like knee creases or visible signs of wear get a second run through before washing.

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