Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Darkest Secrets dun dun dun (Friend Making Mondays on Wednesday. Hey I never claimed to be good with timeliness))

What kind of friends would we be if we didn't confide our deepest darkest secrets with each other? 

1. If its yellow then its mellow if its brown flush it down. Why waste water? I don't flush the toilet every time I use it. I also hate washing my hands shhhhh. 

2. I love journal writing, but edit my journal content out of fear my kids will find it after my death and last thing they would want to do is read details of my intimacy.

3. My husband likes to yell at me in German, so I get my revenge by making up insults in English and teaching it to him as if it is an actual word. So if he ever says something really random when he is pissed of you can thank me. 

4. I sniff clothing to tell if it is clean. 

5. I leave empty yogurt containers randomly around the house after eating. 

6. I hate cleaning the bathroom, so I let it get to the point of disgusting when it bothers my husband, so that he will clean it. 

7. I have at least 100 pairs of underwear here in Germany, and at least 300 more in storage. I never throw underwear away, unless it gets holes.  I had a full size dresser drawer full of underwear. And it goes down the panty chain over time from brand new, still excellent condition, still ok, only for certain times of the month, and absolute depression I need to do laundry, after that it gets tossed. Usually after they have multiple holes. Horrible I know. 

8. I am scared to death of raw meat but have no problem eating certain leftovers even after they sit out all night. 

9. I wipe buggers under the car seat (no not the new car, but watch where you put your hands in the buick)

Thats all I can think of today. Now I will go crawl under my rock in shame lol. 

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Kasey said...

you are a mess! I love that you teach your husband random things in english and he has no idea! I hope he doesn't read your blog, because you've certainly outed yourself! thanks for joining! have a great day!


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