Thursday, June 11, 2009


Lost in Translations first German cooking tutorial (including my screw up)

Bratklüschen is a traditional German pork dish.

This is my totally lame as attempt at a recipe, note the lack of measurements I eyeball it.

a little flour
2 eggs
a little panier mehl or bread crumbs
crumbled up bread ( a bit stale works great)
a bitt of milk
500 grams ground pork (note it is crucial it is just ground pork, I made the mistake of buying ground beef and pork and it totally screwed up my recipe.)

Prep Work:
1. Fill a flat plate with a bit of flour
2. Fill a raised edge plate with two eggs, a bit of milk (whipped together) and a touch of salt and pepper)
3. Fill a flat plate with a good portion of panier mehl
4. Put a god size frying pan on the stove and warm butter in the bottom of the pan

1. Take a small hand full of meat mash together the meat and a little bit of crushed up bread, make into a small round flattened patty
2. Dip the patty into a flour (works great on a flat plate with the flour spread out, this helps the next ingredients stick better)
3. Dip the flour coated patty into egg, coat it well
4. Dip the egg covered patty into the panier mehl, and coat well
5. Drop into the butter filled pan and fry
6. Repeat for each Bratklüschen
7. Cook till fully done, over 90 C internal heat
8. Set on a plate over a paper towel to absorb any excess grease or butter

You can serve this dish a variety of ways, and even keep extra as they make great sandwiches, and are good warm or cold.
I served mine with potato pancakes and salad.


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