Monday, February 13, 2012

Meal plan monday

A new week a new meal plan. Here is a look at what is cooking this week in my kitchen :)

I decided to give emeals a shot. They had a groupon special and for only a few bucks more then their 3 month plan you got a year, so I figured meh, if I am going to tr for 3 months, might as well pay a few bucks more on the chance I like it.

I went for the natural and organic, mainly because many items listed in the normal meal plans are not sold here.

But I am still having to tweek, and I am really not sure if I will go with it full time or not. As of right now I am still doing a mix of our normal meals we enjoy as well to swap out for ones with costly ingredients or items we do not eat like shrimp.

I would like it a lot more if it was customizable like no seafood, ect. I am still seeing lots of items I cannot get like frozen sweet potato fries, hell I am lucky to even find fresh. Kind of defeats the purpose when you have to go bust out your math skills on the grocery list.

We will see. I wanted to try and I am happy to give it a go. But kind of bummed about tweeking the recipes and grocery list constantly. Though I can say I do like that is exposes me to many recipes I would never find by randomly searching. So it will expand our diet to try new things. So I may do just a few meals a week from it, I am going to play it by ear. I will keep all the recipes in a binder for meal ideas to match to sales if nothing else.

I wish they had a German version with local store sales, buahahah. Maybe I can make my own. Not to sure the Germans would be all to into that idea.

So this week in my kitchen:
Mon Skillet rigatoni and sausage with steamed brocolli
Tue Eating out for Valentines day
Wen Skillet zuchini and corn tamale pie with mixed green salad
Thur Bacon bbq burgers with fries
Fri Fish sticks,  homemade potato wedges and veggies
Sat  Indian style skillet chicken and rice 
Sun Butternut squash soup with cheese toast 

What is cooking at your house.

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