Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 in 2012 January update.

End of the month progress report- January.

January was a good start. Still have a longway to go but I feel I started out on the right foot.

2012 items in 12 months averages to 167 items a month. This month I had 98. Not bad for the first month. I am happy with that.

1-2. 2 too small nursing tanks (sold)
3-14. 5 pair earings, 1 anklet, 2 nacklaces, and 4 bracelets (traded)
15-26. 5 Tie nappies, 2 diaper covers, 5 insert socks (sold)
27. One pair of wool baby pants (sold)
28-35. Mens accessories (sold)
36. Mens tank top (sold)
37-38. Under the toilet mat and toilet seat cover (sold)
39. Baby blanket (sold)
40. Baby strampler (sold)
41-43. 3 G diaper liners (sold)
44-72. 29 Diaper inserts (sold)
73. Mens swim shorts (sold)
74. One wool diaper cover (traded)
75-82. 8 moving boxes that did not survive so well taken to recycling hof, normal packaging cartons not counted. (recycled)
83-88. Atari console, joystick, 4 games (sold)
89. Womens dress (sold)
90. Long sleeve mens shirt (sold)
91. Short sleeve mens shirt (sold)
92. Womens pants (sold)
93. Mens short sleeve top (sold)
94. Womens top (sold)
95. Mens coat (sold)
96. Mens coat (sold)
97. Wool baby shorts (sold)
98. Wool diaper cover (sold)

Leaving me with 1914 items left to go. Think I will make it? 

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