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The bags are packed...

This is an old post that never got published. I just found it going through my unpublished posts. This was written in late November when I was 8 months pregnant.

Alrighty. I have some long overdue and promised pregnancy posts that I want to get out before I switch into mommy mode and am thoroughly distracted from this theme, so here we go.

So today I want to talk about packing your bags for your hospital stay. Obviously this varies greatly especially considering I am overseas, but hopefully this will be of some help to some first time mommy's in Germany.

Most of you know I am a list freak. I also obsess about thoroughness, which often results in procrastination and lack of results or me going completely over the top. Well if you saw my original hospital list you would be leaning toward over the top.

A few friends joked about people showing up to the hospital with rolling suitcase and I knew that we me in the making. I am not going on a posh holiday and needed to tone it back. Now bear in mind Serena's toned down is still OTT for many ha.

So here it is my final plan for the hospital bags:

1. I decided it best to separate the actual labor supplies from the general items for after the birth. So for the labor items I just have a normal backpack. It will contain:
* Leg warmers and house socks or heave socks. (Feet get cold during labor)
* An over-sized trashable men's button down. (Nothing that is not disposable, I took an old one from hubby. I also took a dark color so chances are it will wash up fine, these are often far more comforting then traditional gowns)
* Tennis ball massage sock (this is a tube sock filled with tennis balls it allows for self massage)
* Lotion and massage oil, I just have small travel sized bottles
* Lip balm and hard candy (for dry mouth)
* A incontinence pad as well as a few pads (these are left out for use in route to hospital if need be)
* Cd's with music (our hospital supplies CD players, check the policy at yours)
* Hot water bottle (midwifes suggestion)
* High protein snacks and drinks (In Germany they do allow you to eat during labor, don't forget some for dad too)
* Contact list and calling card
* A little cash
* Camera with a fresh memory card and extra batteries

Not yet packed but ready to be added last minute:
* Cell phones w/ charges (keeping charged at all times)

2. Next up is the actual bag for the hospital stay. I tried to bear in mind that hubby can drive home at any time and get extra items if need be, but I am picky and like options as well.
* A robe and crocs (I found crocs more versatile then slipper as they can also go in the shower)
* Towels (they are not provided outside of labor in Germany)
* Comfortable underwear and a few pairs socks (many people like the hospital supplied underwear, I am not sure if they are supplied here or not and some people prefer their own)
* 1 pair of pajamas and 2 front opening night gowns, 1 pair of leggings for underneath
* 1 pair of stretch pants and gaucho and 2 tops (for visitors and meals in community areas)
* Nursing bra and nursing oil and cream (recommended by midwife)
* A book and magazine for down times
* Computer with charger and a few dvds
* Going home outfit for mom
* 1 pair socks,  jammies, tee shirt and underwear for dad (we plan to get a family room where he can stay, he will go home for clothing changes)
* coming home outfit for baby
* baby winter gear- hat mittens, car seat cover, snow suit
* swaddle blanket and one toy

Not yet packed:
* Toiletries- I have a small toiletry bag in the bathroom it has small travel sized shampoo and soap and the tooth brushes and hair brushes as well as meds can just be added then it is ready to go in a few minutes time. I am not bringing cosmetics I think it is silly and I know I will not use them. Just basics- shampoo, body wash, loofah, facewash, deo, tooth brush, toothpaste, dental floss, plus meds.

That resulted in one duffel bag and one backpack. The robe taking up the most room in the duffel bag.

The hospital will supply diapers, onsies, and swaddle blankets for baby while in the hospital.
They also supply pads for mom.
Other items vary per hospital such as breastfeeding pillows so best to ask in advance.

When bringing your own items like towels or pillows, make sure you use distinct colors that are easy to define as your own and not the hospitals property.

So what did you pack for the hospital? Did you wish you brought more or less?

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