Monday, July 18, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

It has been far too long hasn't it? Here we go again with another look at a week in my kitchen.

Lets start with Breakfasts:
cereal with fruit
yogurt with fruit
Semolina with fruit
Cereal with fruit
Bulgar with fruit
French toast casserole

Then there is Lunch:
Asian noodle soup
Sandwich with chips and veggie sticks
Sandwich with chips and veggie sticks
Green salad
Spatzlepfanne with homemade bread

Shepards pie with green beans and home made bread
Left over shepards pie with green salad and homemade bread, yogurt
Chicken Penne, green salad and cheesy bread, yogurt
Abendbrot with egg salad and smoothies
Tuna potatoes, mixed veggies, homemade bread, yogurt
Abendbrot with green salad and smoothies
Curly pork noodles with rolls, fruit

Friut: Bananas, nectarines and apples
Veggies: Cucumber, bell pepper and baby carrots
Sweet: Yogurt, cookies, granola bars
Savory: Frikadellen, babybel cheese
Salty: Pretzels, chips and salsa

Sunday Baking:
Blueberry muffins 

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