Friday, July 9, 2010

Meal plan

Yes it is Friday. I am well aware. I never claimed to be of sound mind, ha. Well anyway. Rather then trying to conform to the norm of what everyone else is doing and stress myself out, I will just do it my way. Love me or hate me.

So here is our meal plan Friday- Wednesday

Dinner- Pizza

Breakfast- Pancakes with bacon and eggs
Lunch- Tuna Salad (as in green salad with tuna, not the mayo kind, but that does sound good too,hmmm)
Dinner- Spatzle with cubed beef and jager sauce

Breakfast: Warm rolls and wurschten
Lunch: Soup and salad
Dinner: Bourbon chicken and fried rice

Breakfast- Yogurt with fruit
Lunch- minestrone soup with a baguette
Dinner: BBQ Pork chops, roasted broccoli and peppers, and potatoes

Breakfast- yogurt with fruit
Lunch- curry noodles
Dinner- Lettuce wraps with asian noodles

Breakfast: Yogurt with fruit
Lunch: Grilled cheese with a side salad
Dinner- Tortellini with marinara sauce, baguette and salad


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