Tuesday, July 20, 2010

He wants to hurt me....

Well they do most of the time anyway. The dentist, that is. I have never been a fan of the dentist, but I can actually say after a year of pain almost every time I eat, I am excited and can't wait for my appointment next week. That is of course assuming it brings relief.

At a dentist appointment last month I was told the problem was a peridontitis pocket. However this all started back last year. I went to the first dentist explained the issues, he insisted it was my filling that needed to be redone. I had a small ache before, but never issues with a big pocket. Not until after the filling did I start having those issues. I am a firm believer that he either caused or worsened it.

So anyway, I ended up at the dentist only to find out that I need a cleaning which is not covered by health insurance, and a deep cleaning at that. Yeah and those cost extra. So I have to pay 100 euro or 130 USD. Crazy I tell you. I really wish I could go back to my normal dentist in the Us who charges 40 bucks for a cleaning.

So the plan is a deep cleaning (scaling and root planning) and then they will put an antibiotic gel into the pocket that is supposed to release over 7 days and block any foreign objects so the pocket can heal.

I hope to god that this works. Never in my life have I had such bad pain as when food gets in the pocket, and it is not easy to get out. Dental floss rarely does the trick, I have to use those brutal between the teeth brushes (I call them weapons of mass destruction). But the pain when food is in there is worse then gouging the crap out of my gums.

So pleasepleaseplease let this 100 euro be well spent.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about being in pain :( I'll pray it goes well and you'll heal well!

100 euros? Yikes! I had my wisdom teeth out (two at a time) and meds for the surgery for like 115 euros.

It's a toss up though because you wait 10 months to a year for a check up or a cleaning up here. Most people just wait until they get a cavity and then go to the Emergency Dentist within 3 days. Finland doesn't have much of preventative dental care.


likeschocolate said...

I don't like the destist either. Good Luck!

Sonya said...

Wow I cant believe you have to pay for that. In the netherlands those deep cleanings are free. Before I moved here I spent 3000 dollars on that deep tissue cleaning and came over here only to learn it was FREE!

I dont like my dentist though..I dont trust a dentist who has nasty rotting teeth..lol I sure hope this works for you! I know all to well about the pain. I have delt with alot over the years with mine.


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