Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wedding video Uncut

My apologies for some reason it is not giving me a code that allows me to imbed the video. Perhaps I made a mistake in my upload to you tube. 

Any who here is the link 

A few notes: Now this is very raw footage. The cool thing is you can hear the actual ceremony in English and German, and see some clips that were cut out of the previous wedding video. But do note, there are fluctuations in volume. There are three segments with music and that comes across a lot louder than voices, so if you turn it up be forewarned you might get blasted. Also it is choppy as it is just that unedited raw video. 

I hope you enjoy the video. It gives a better view of marriages in Germany. 

A few facts about weddings in Germany:
1. Wedding are civil unions. One cannot be legally wed in the church. One must have a civil ceremony (which is the legally binding marriage contract) before getting married in the church. But it is still a lovely ceremony. Not what we think of with court house civil marriages in the US. This wedding is the German civil wedding. We plan on doing the religious ceremony with my family in the US. In order ti have a ceremony in a church in Germany you must be registered under that religion and paying the state mandated church tax. 
2. One cannot just decide to get married and go sign a paper like in the US. It is actually a legal process here you must go to meetings with a court officer, submit legal papers, and fees, and then await court approval. It takes up to 3 months. 
3. A few wedding traditions: everyone honks their horn when they see newly weds, newly weds cut a wood log with a old hand saw (you can see this in my original video, they also eat bread with salt and drink water( also in my other video). I need to look up the history of these traditions. 

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