Thursday, July 30, 2009

If I had the chance... Waverly Hills Sanatorium

If I had the chance I would love the opportunity to do an overnight tour of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

Background info/ facts:
* Waverly Hills was a Tuberculosis hospital.
* It is rumored the death toll was in the tens of thousands
* The rate of death was so high that a tunnel originally created for supplies was converted into what is known today as the body chute, a underground tunnel for fast removal of bodies
* Location behind the horror film "Death Tunnel"
* Twice featured on Ghost Hunters
* Considered the most haunted building in America
* A ghost known as Timmy a small boy is reported to dart across the halls and move balls, both caught on video

Why it interests me:
I have always been fascinated with paranormal activity. Now I am not one to say it does or does not exist or to argue the validity of either sides, all I know is it scares the heck out of me, and I love being scared. I first found out about the place after watching the movie Death Tunnel. Now this was not the best movie, actually it was plain junk, but it sparked my interest about the historical building. I later saw the building featured in Ghost hunters. After a bit of googling I found out that they not only offer tours of the place you can spend a hundred buck and stay the night. I thought this was the greatest, until I saw you are alone in the building... dun dun dun. Now the place terrifies me it truly does, but it fascinates me so much. Given the chance I would stay the night in a heartbeat. I would just prefer to have a tour guide stay with me * )

Maybe it is the fact that so much has happened there, so many people have seen strange things, that it makes the unimaginable actually conceivable. I think regardless of wether the place is haunted or not (shhh I think it is) I would love the chance to go inside and see it. TO see the old hospital rooms. I love comparing original photos to what things look like today. 

Remember that old show on MTC where they put normal people in supposedly haunted places and watched them get the crap scared out of them. Oh it was so great. I wish they would bring that back. 

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So if you had the chance, to go any one place, or do any one thing what would it be?

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Christina said...

OOOO Looks creepy I LIKE IT! :)


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