Thursday, July 30, 2009

If I had the chance.....

For a while I have played around with the idea of creating my own blog activity, and after toying around with different ideas I have finally found it. We will call this "If I had a chance".

Concept: Think of the things you would if given the opportunity jump at the chance to do. Something you find interesting for example my first post will be regarding the Waverly Hills Sanatarium, which conducts overnight visits (post to come later) Do a bit of research, and post about what you found and why you want to do it.

I have not yet created a graphic for this, but I will in the near future, and once I have you are more than welcome to use it. 

1. Find a place or activity you want to do. Be specific and include links. Something you find interesting. But not broad. No I want to go to Paris, or Africa. You are really free to choose what interests you here, I only ask that is be a specific tangible place other people could research if interested.  

2. Create a blog post talking about what it is you would do if given the chance. Post relevant links, or photos, and even background info or facts, and most important why it is of interest to you. 

3. A new post will come out every Thursday, but you are welcome to participate any day of the week.

4. Use the blog title "If I had the chance" plus you info. Example If I had that chance I would stay overnight in the Waverly Hills Sanitarium. 

5. Please include a link back to this blog. Feel free to post your blog link in the comments or mrlinky.

6. And last but not least lets keep this clean. I am very open to various ideas and interests, but nothing adult  or explicit in nature. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions at

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