Monday, December 9, 2013

Meal plan Monday 12/8 - 12/14

A quick glimpse into our kitchen this week.Hope you enjoy. And please share links in the comments to your weekly meal plans.

Sunday: It was a Lazy day. Hubs and kids ate pizza. I ate melted cheese on bread. Yeah culinary high life.

Baked Fleisch kase
Tomato cobbler. I used this recipie from Penny over at Penniless parenting.
Green beans with butter
Carrot sliced baked in oil in brown sugar
Beef rice with bell pepper

Left overs
White cabbage salad
boiled potatoes with Quark
rest of applesauce

Left over cabbage Salad
Couscous with cucumber and carrots and rest of quark

Tuna helper
Green salad
Rest of the oranges

Cheesy pasta
rest of salad
sliced cucumber
rest of fresh fruit or canned pineapples

Spatzle with linsen
sliced carrots
any remaining left overs
canned peaches

Man that Tomato cobbler today was delish. I cannot wait for T to get home and try it, even the kids loved it. i will admit I was skeptical, but I am def adding this to my recipie list. A fantastic recipie when you have tomatoes to use up.


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