Saturday, December 7, 2013

2014 in 2014

Well I did suceed in 2013 albiet not the best with tracking to the end so I am going to embark on this journey yet again with purging 2014 items in 2014. In doing so I have set a few rules and also modifications.

What will be different this year is the fact that I will be visiting home, and making choice about what is really worth it to bring back with me to Germany. I will be purging a lot, things that perhaps 6 years ago I was not ready to cut my ties with and I hope to come back with a lot less luggage lingering backhome.

So this year will be not only my home in Germany but also my monter purge in the US. Now in the event I get all kinds of crazy sucess stateside and hit my goal smack on the start (how cool would that be). I will continue tracking through the end of the year just to see how much I actually get rid of.

What I will not count is normal trash, recycling, papers. I wont be counting things that are waiting to go out that are already destened for that fate, but rather things I am conciously choosing to get rid of and live without.

So the journey starts Jan1.

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