Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Menu Plan Mon(Tues)day

Sorry folks I am still adjusting to baby time, so I thank you for bearing with me. I must say even having been a college girl a few years back who could master the all night cramming and 4 am papers, that is nothing to prepare you for parenthood lol. I guess it is just one of those things you really have no clue about till it up and smacks you in the face. hehe

So sadly this is the last week with my mom. You will notice that my plan is different then usual. Normally we eat abend brot or cold meals Mon-Thur and warm meals Fri-Sun and that will return next week. But I have enjoyed cooking for my mom and exposing her to (or coercing her to) try new foods. 

So here is our plan for this week, just dinners (My days are not set in stone, so I am just gonna do list format)

1. Bratwurst with green salad, brat sauce, and potato salad
2. Rinderfleish with spatzle and brat sauce
3. Bratklössen with knodel and butter veggie mix
4. Leberkase, rotkohl, and boiled potatoes
(Those were moms choices and you may note that many are dups, she wanted to have her favorites again before she left)
Now end of the week will be simple since we had hot meals all week. I do not want to do cold, because I want to cycle back into my routine next week and a week of cold meals sound icky lol.
5. Soup with rolls
6. Fishsticks, boiled potatoes, and a frozen veggie
7. Steakpfanne with rice and rolls

Now for breakfast my mom and I have been having oatmeal. Toni takes 2 brotchens with him to work with coild cuts, cheese and veggies.

Lunches mom and I have been eating left overs, odds and end and small things I pick up. T has 2 american style sandwiches with cold cuts, cheese, and veggies.

Now do not forget to stop over at Orgjunkie.com for over 300 menus weekly.

Oh and an update T started his new position this week so wish him lots of luck, he is excited but hates change, can't say I blame him :P 

Now I have a lap top with a dying battery and a sleeping baby on  my legs, and we all know to never wake a sleeping baby so I must run.

I go the births tory two thirds done so do check back. 

Hugs- Rena

Sorry for the lack of the normal graphics my mac died so I am on a different computer booooo.

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