Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crazy coupon codes at Old Navy, today and tomorrow only

Did you know that you can stack coupons at oldnavy.com?

Well you can and they have some sweet deals going on right now. I just used all 3 of these and saved over nearly 50% on my total order of Christmas gifts. I can tell you what it was in case curious eyes come a wandering by, but maybe after Christmas I can share :P

The following codes bring:
Outer50 - 50% off any one outerwear item
Ontreat - 15% off any additional items in your cart
Onsuper50 - Free shipping on any order over 50 savings of 7.99

They also have some great deals running. One thing I can tell you is I got a really nice cardigan for myself (I needed a few bucks to meet the free shipping) original price 20, one sale within additional coupon savings 12 USD.

Now old navy does ship international, but I assume the coupon for free shipping only works on US deliveries, but you could try it, or have the packet sent to a friend. :)


woodsermom said...

Hi - We are also a family living in Germany, about 40 miles north of Munich in a little village. Just found your blog - very cute! Happy to see you are expecting - we have 9 children so has been somewhat of a challenge over here, but a wonderful adventure so far - have a great day! Terri

Lost in Translation said...

Thanks Terri. :)


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