Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Save a tree, swap a book

I thought it would be fun to recommend a site once a week. I will do this in addition to my If I had the chance posts. Later I will expand on this idea. If you would like to suggest a site leave me a comment. 

My starting theme is websites pertaining to life in Germany. Now I may expand out into other things. I will just play around with the idea :) Feel free to leave me feedback and ideas. 

So this weeks site:

A book lovers paradise. Post your used English language books and swap them for point that can be used to order any book on the site. So rather then direct swaps it is with accumulated points, but this allows for greater flexibility in choosing books that interest you. 

* Free to sign up and use the site
* Shipping a book "book rate" in Germany costs 85 cents. That is the only cost you pay. When you order a book, the poster pays shipping. 
* All English language books
* A variety of subjects
* Great selection
* also has a forum, messaging system, friends list, you can watch books, add to a list of books you want to read and more
* You can swap books you received through the system thus getting multiple reads out of one initial purchase. 
* Nationwide

Down side:
* You cannot buy points, you only accumulate them through trading. So if you have special interest books that no one wants, you may have to wait a while. Improve your chances by posting a variety of book titles, rather then one at a time. 

My suggestion:
I alternate trading and buying books on amazon. I post all books on the site after I read them, and I rarely end up at a point stand still. :)

Keep an eye out for the 1 cent paperbacks on amazon, they even have them in Germany. 

Not in Germany? Look for similar programs in your area, they exist all around the world. 

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