Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I was checking out my blog hits counter today and am truly amazing by the variety of google search terms that bring me up :)

Just in terms of my last 20 visitors I was found via google using these search phrases:
Deutschland friend
self assemble sofa beds
wedding deautschland
map & street view deautschland
angaria-vicandi (?????)
heidepark deautschland
eis ital
heidipark deautschland
chat.de ich deutschland
google street view deutschland

I was found through in a variety of languages including Korea, Hungary, Senegal and China versions of google. 

I have the following rankings:
Deautschland friend #2
self assemble sofa beds #4
wedding deautschland #10
eis ital #5
heidipark deatchland #1

So I guess google is starting to notice me lol.

I love having visitors from all over the world. But please do leave me comments. Even if you came here and it is totally not what you are looking for, let me know how you found me:)

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