Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Two weeks

It's hard to believe that I have been in this beautiful place for two weeks now. Even harder to believe that it has been 25% of my time here. I came in search of answers, I found them and found myself even more complexed by the perplexities of international love. I had wanted him before, I had even longed to be with him, but now having been here, I cannot imagine life without him. As much as I hate to admit I look now not at six weeks remaining, but rather six weeks left. Till we find ourselves in the same situation 9000km apart. I love it here, and in reality would do anything to stay. But it is easy to see that some things are just not plausible. I hope and pray that someday this beautiful land will become my home.

1 comment:

angaria-vicdani said...

Aw you sound like a hopeless romantic! (like me, in other words)
I fly out next week for DC. I can't wait to hold my man in my's been so long. :)


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