Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Morning

Me and Tim, Toni's little Brother.
Today was a fun day. Actually the weekend. The festivities actually began last night with a celebratory dinner at Toni's mothers house. They were celebrating the conformation of Tim, Toni's 14 year old brother. I got to meet a bunch of Toni's family. And was terrified as could be. However his family has been nothing but kind and receiving. And luckily his aunt and uncle spoke english. However, I found it not hard to communicate even with those who spoke little or no english. We had a lovely dinner, and sat up late drinking wine and talking.
What a lovely day for a conformation!
Today we got up and joined his family for lunch at a lovely German restaurant. I once again found myself panic stricken by the borage of silverware and glasses that laid in front of me. Through observation I figured my way through the meal, however my aqward tension was prevalent as many repeatedly asked if I was ok. LOL. After the meal we went to the church for the confirmation. It was a lovely church, and very old. It was cool to see a religious ceremony in German, however I was humored by the fact that the only words I knew was God, and Germanys next top model. LOL.
Sweet Oma, one of the sweetest women I've ever met!
After the ceremony we headed back to the restaurant for dessert before heading to Toni's Grandmothers house for dinner. It was a lovely day and I love spending time with his family. They are all so kind. And it means the world to me that they have received me with open arms. Toni's mother is an angel. His brother a sweetheart. And his grandmother is so amazing. I am so grateful for the chance to have such wonderful people in my life. I hope you too can meet them someday!

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