Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1 Euro veggie soup

One thing I have been striving to do in an effort to bring down our food bills is cook local meals using cheaper ingredients. Sad as I am, I came to terms with the fact that frugal cooking blogs in the US just do not apply to me. One things I have started doing is making soup.

Really you can use anything you have on hand down to chicken bones and veggie for broth or whatever leftover veggies tossings for a mixed veggies soup. Toss in some noodles, rice or meat, even left overs and you could have a different soup every day of the week if you were so inclined.

For this recipe I use specific items purchased just for the soup but they are dirt cheap.

Suppen grunen- this is a pack of fresh veggies for soup it comes with fresh parsley, carrots, celery root and leeks. Some even come with a small broth package. These cost under 1 euro and go on sale often. I got mine for .88 on sale plus and additional 10% off.
Broth powder- your choice, veggie or chicken

1. I wash and cut up all my veggies
2. Toss them in a pan and fill with water, I use a 2 liter pot
3. Add a dash of pepper, a tablespoon or two of broth powder and about 1 tablespoon maggie
4. Let boil about 15 minutes then reduce to a low simmer for 30 minutes or longer if you wish
5. Taste and add any needed seasoning to your preference

Tastes fabulous, dirt cheap and enough for 2 meals at least, so what is that 50 cents per meal, even less if it stretches further. Fantastic.

Some times I stretch mine out by adding to it, one night I may add rice or noodles, next tim some left over chicken, and each night you have a new twist.


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Sonya said...

It is harder to follow along with alot of american based blogs..simply because we can't get the ingredients here and if and when we can..our price is different aswell. I do like to use them as a base to find something that works for us over here.

Great recipe!


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