Monday, November 28, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

One of the meme's that many of you mentioned enjoying was my participation in Meal Plan Monday. So I will jump back in with my weekly meal plans.

This weeks brings a unique obstacle, as with us moving in just a few weeks time, I need to use up as much as I can from what we already have on hand with an emphasis on frozen and refrigerated goods.

My goal is to buy as little as possible.

M: Boiled potatoes with taco soup sauce and rolls

When I make taco soup, I make large quantities and freeze the extra, using up some of my frozen surplus. Using potatoes we have on hand and making rolls from some bread mixes I have on hand.

T: Soup with rolls

Using up a can of soup from the pantry, and homemade rolls.

W: Veggies fried rice, smoothies

I have some left over frozen peas and carrots from the last time I made veggies fried rice. Rice already on hand. Also have tons of smoothie ingredients to use up.

Th: Sloppy joes with fries

I have some beef in the freezer I got on sale for .77 cents a pound. Will use home made bread. Already have sloppy joe seasoning and a half pack of fries.

F: Penne pasta, with sloppy joe sauce, salad, rolls

Past already on hand. Using left over frozen sauce from when I made sloppy joe soup. Salad on hand and homemade rolls.

S: Fried potatoes and smoothies

Using potatoes and onions already on hand and frozen smoothies ingredients.

Su: Rice with paprika chicken sauce, salad, and rolls

Rice on hand. Paprika chicken sauce frozen leftovers, salad also on hand and homemade rolls.

I should only need to pick up some water and sandwich items for lunches :)

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