Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Home Keeper's Journal

This week’s Homekeeper’s Journal is about Spring Time Plans.
In my kitchen, I plan to ….. attempt to make more from scratch. To try and make some items that we would otherwise end up buying premade.
Plans with the children ….. I plan to find a mommy and baby course to attend. I got a voucher from the city as a baby gift and need to put it to use. 
Plans with the husband ….. He mentioned something about checking out sealife in Speyer next weekend. 
Plans for my house ….. catching up on all that I have fallen behind on. And establishing a routine that keeps things from backlogging.
Garden Plans ….. I keep saying I want an herb garden and everytime I try I kill my plants. I need to get a book about herb care and try again. I would also love to get some row planters and grow some of my own veggies. 
Other Plans ….. hmmmm, well I would like to get a membership to the library and check them out and also attend the womens breakfast and international mommy lunch get togethers. I also want to attend one of the expat meetups in Heilbronn. :)
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lytha said...

whoa, there are libraries in germany? i've heard my husband say there are many times, but i've still never been in one. i keep asking, "so you can BORROW books in germany?" still waiting...


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