Thursday, September 24, 2009

Travel advisory issued for Germany

"The Department of State alerts U.S. citizens that Al Qaeda has threatened it will conduct terrorist attacks in Germany immediately prior to and following the federal elections on September 27.  This Travel Alert expires on November 11, 2009.

Al Qaeda recently released a video specifically warning Germany of attacks.  German authorities are taking the threat seriously and have taken measures to enhance the level of security throughout the country.

The Department of State urges U.S. citizens to maintain good security practices at all times, and to maintain a heightened situational awareness and a low profile.  Americans are advised to monitor news reports and consider the level of security present when visiting public places or choosing hotels, restaurants, and entertainment and recreation venues." Department of State

Many are aware of the recent terrorist threats made against Germany, for those who are not here is a brief summary BBC

In a very politically charged video, a German born al Qaeda member gives Germany an ultimatum. Elect the left wing party who supports the pulling of troops out o the middle east, or face holy war within Germany. Perhaps the most eerie part of the video was a warning to all Muslims within Germany to stay within their home for the 14 days post election. The video was widely distributed visa youtube, but unfortunately no fully translated version has been done. You can find select quotes within the varies news articles. Mostly it is a bunch of shit about the German people being able to choose their own fate.

So the question at hand is is there really much of a threat. There obviously is enough of one for Germany to elevate the terrorist level, and for the US to issue travel advisories. THe EU's open border policy does not make for much of a sense of security, one countries lacking of border control can be devastative.

A new barrage of news has come forward today, which sadly I am unable to find English news articles regarding. From the little bit I picked up was something in regards to documents being found within Germany regarding weapons and that airports may be the potential target.  Found one 

Does it make me uneasy yes, but I wouldn't say afraid. How many years did we live with heightened terrorist levels in the US? While Germany is much smaller, only about the size of Oregon and Washington together, I do not think I will find myself in danger. I do not frequent large social gatherings, have any plans to travel, or live in any large cities or politically charged areas. 

Will anything come of this? I have no idea. But I do know the election outcomes will not be fixed via threats. And at this point in time, it seems the US is more worked up about it then Germany. Here the threats seem to be pretty common place. So, only time will tell. 


Pixel Perfect said...

That's scary that you guys are currently under a terrorist threat! I will pray for your safety!

Since only a few women wanted to do the 24 hour prayer I don't think we'll be able to do it. But I'd still love to pray for you and your husband! Is there anything specifically I can pray for? Were you able to order "simply romantic nights?"


Pixel Perfect said...

YES! Please link up wyatt's story!



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